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This year Hollywood has directed and released some mind boggling movies. The direction, plot and casting will blow your mind away and you won’t be able to shift your eyes away from the screens. Some debut directors are directing this year and the fresh concept will soon be seen on the big screen. This time the Top ten will be an eye opening divertissement for the audience. Your favourite actors will be seen playing lead roles in these top 10. This year following are the major hits of 2017 which will stay on your mind for some time and you would watch it again and again ;)


Micheal baey is directing and some amazing imagery effects are added and being directed which will astonish You . Leading actors Laura Haddock, Mark Wahlberg, and Anthony Hopkins will be seen doing some real stunts in the movie. Jean Dujardin casting is rumored. So, may be or maybe not we’ll be seeing him. Great war between Transformers and Humans is still on but in this sequel with a new concept and a storyline. Optimus Prime has returned to his planet. By the end of the day earth needs to get saved and disguised of saving earth is buried in the dark secrets of the past. An alliance will be made against the enemies and the responsibility lies on Cade Yeager ,  Bumblebee, and  Oxford professor for saving their planet. The movie is the epic mixture of Adventure, Sci-fi and Action. Some serious action will be seen. This blockbuster will soon be released on 23 June 2017. 


Joachim Rønning , Espen Sandberg are directing Dead Men Tell No Tales and adding some fictionary views and scenerios which you can only imagine but cannot see but this movie will let you watch your imagination on the big screen. The lead roles will be played by Jhonny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Javier Bardem and Geoffery Rush. The astonishing story of Captain Jack Sparrow who is now on a new move fighting the waves of sea. This time Captain Jack Sparrow will be against the evil Capt. Salazar who was inprisoned but now has escaped the Devil triangle. And is now coming for Captain Sparrow . His last hope of survival lies in the legendary Trident of Poseidon . Now Captain needs to build an alliance. Let’s see what happens will he be able to do so? And will Captain Salazar defeat him? Watch to know …!!!! The blustering soundtrack is composed by Geoff Zanelli. This movie is known for his perfect soundtracks too. All thanks to the composer for giving something new.The movie will be released on May 26, 2017. This movie is the perfect combination of Comedy, Action and Adventure.


The Fate of the Furious is the sequel of The Fast and Furious directed by F.Gary Gary. The leading actors Vin Diesel, Neal H. Moritz, and Michael Fottrell will be doing some real action on the screen. This movie will be a great sequel for the action lovers. The fans will have a nutrious oxide blast after watching this movie. Dom and Letty are now a happily married couple. The whole crew has been released except Brian and Mia. They retired But a mysterious women manipulates one of the crew member and a new mission lies ahead for the whole crew. Will they be able to accomplish that or Not? What will be the Fate of the crew? Let’s find out … This movie is released on 14th April 2017. stupendous combination of soundtracks , album will be released on April 27, 2017.


Emma Watson(Belle) is for the first time appearing as a surprisingly heart catching beauty with a pure british accent. And guess what handsome looking star Dan Steven(Beast) has transformed himself into an ugly and a scary looking beast with whom the beauty falls in love and risks her life to save his first and true love. This movie is directed by Bill Condon. This movie will be a source of flashbacks as the plot of this movie is based on the Disney’s beauty and the beast by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. Emma Watson who is currently in a relationship with the Prince harry son of Queen Elizbeth has played a different role apart from her personality and the past roles she’s been doing. Luke Evans acting as Gaston who is a rude and an arrogant hunter fells in love with Belle who is just an eye candy for him. But belle rejects him and is in search for a true love. How the beauty falls for an ugly looking beast is an amazing twist and how belle met the beast in the first place. This movie was released on February 23, 2017. Walt Disney Production of Beauty and the Beast has scored the Oscar winning  lyricist Howard Ashman and composer Alan Menken. Bill Condon kept it live by adding the original soundtrack. According to him "That score had more to reveal", You look at the songs and there's not a clunker in the group. In fact, Frank Rich described it as the best Broadway musical of 1991. The animated version was already darker and more modern than the previous Disney fairytales. Take that vision, put it into a new medium, make it a radical reinvention, something not just for the stage because it's not just being literal, now other elements come into play. It's not just having real actors do it”.


Baby boss is an animated movie directed by Tom McGrath. The voice cast features Alec Baldwin , Jimmy Kimmel, and Tobey Maguire. Timothy Templeton (Tobey Maguire) who is a seven year old tells the story of his life where his parents love him a lot. But then his parents told him about his baby brother. And later his parents found out that he wasn’t ready for this news. He was a happy and the loveable child of his parents. He had a strong imagination and used to relate the real life happenings to his imagination. But after the arrival of his baby brother, all the attention of his parents was diverted towards their new born. But their was something suspicious about this kid. He was not like the other ordinary new borns. He was different. Timothy Templeton finds out and tries to reveal his adult qulaities and his plans to his parents. But will he be able to do so? What is the mission of his baby brother and how he will complete the mission while his elder brother is keeping an eye on him and will the brothers unite? What will happen? And why the baby is known as baby boss? Lets find out…!!! This movie will be released on 23 March 2017.


Brace yourself for the upcoming horror movie Jeepers Creepers 3. This movie is directed by Victor Salva and he has directed some major scenes which will widen your eyes with fear. This movie is full of suspense, thriller and fear. It is rumored that Gina Phillips will be returning for her cameo role. The release date of this movie has not been confirmed. The leading roles are being played by 
Meg Foster, Jonathan Breck and Brandon Smith. The movie revolves around a dangerous creeper which Sceptical Sargent tubs decides to kill him by assembling a task force hellbent. But how? Why the creeper is against the human kind ?


Despicable Me 3 is an upcoming 3D comedy animated movie. The release date is June 30, 2017. Gru with his minions is now set on a new mission where he meets his twin brother Dru. They both unite against their biggest enemy. This movie is the comibination of some action, thriller and yes the comedy. This movie will be a hit like the previous two despicable’s hits. The serious plus humerous nature of guru makes this movie much more interesting and now meet his twin brother sharing the same and more humorous qualities will make this movie even more funnier and adventurous. The voice features are by 
Steve Carell , Kristen Wiig and Trey Parker.


Watch out for The Mummy and fear her chaos as she’s buried in Egypt. This movie is produced and directed with a fresh concept not like the previous ones with the same story. This time we will see something new about The Mummy. This movie is directed in the origins of the Egypt by Alex Kurtzmen. A young princess named Ahmanet was buried alive because of the murder of her father and Now she’s back. The leading roles are being played by 
Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Jake Johnson and Russell Crowe. Sources revealed that Boutella is casted by Kurtzman after seeing her performance in the  Kingsman: The Secret Service. Kurtzmen stated that “if you look at her eyes, and this is what I got from watching Kingsman, there's a whole performance going on here. And in not saying anything but conveying that much to me, I thought oh my god, no matter how much prosthetics we put on her, no matter how much CG we put on her face, if I see this, she's going to convey something very emotional to me”. The movie will be released on June 9, 2017 in 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D.


Woah. Watch out for the teens becoming superheores. They are on their way of saving their planet from villains. They are chosen by nature and are known as Power Rangers. Isn’t it amazing watching normal teens becoming something extra ordinary and how they will accept their super powers ? How they will cope out with the real life problems to save the world.? How? This concept is new from the rest of the super heroes movie. How a group of teenagers will unite for the common mission? The leading actors will be 
Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G, Ludi Lin and Bill Hader.
This amazing concept will be directed by Dean Israelite. Good news for the fans is that the video game named Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is released on March 24, 2017. Now you can live the life of a power ranger too ;) .This movie is released on 
March 22, 2017. 


Man this is going to be one big hit movie. A strong side of women will be shown supporting all the females out there who are strong and giving them confidence that yes they can be anything they want to. Well, here is the motivation girls ☺ But wait this movie revolves not only around a girl but a boy who are both on a journey to save the world. And to stop the rising rage. An ordinary women who is a warrior and a princess but turns out to be a wonder women. It’ll be amazing to see how she turns out to be the one and who will guide her and what will be the mission.? The director of this movie Patty Jenkins has beautifully and boldly directed the movie. This movie will be released on June 2, 2017. Gal Gadot will be the Wonder women. She will astonish her fans with her action and some serious role. Chris pine, Robin Wright and David Thewlis will set the screen on fire with their extra ordinary roles and performances.