Emma Watson(Belle) is for the first time appearing as a surprisingly heart catching beauty with a pure british accent. And guess what handsome looking star Dan Steven(Beast) has transformed himself into an ugly and a scary looking beast with whom the beauty falls in love and risks her life to save his first and true love. This movie is directed by Bill Condon. This movie will be a source of flashbacks as the plot of this movie is based on the Disney’s beauty and the beast by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. Emma Watson who is currently in a relationship with the Prince harry son of Queen Elizbeth has played a different role apart from her personality and the past roles she’s been doing. Luke Evans acting as Gaston who is a rude and an arrogant hunter  fells in love with Belle who is just an eye candy for him. But belle rejects him and is in search for a true love.  How the beauty falls for an ugly looking beast is an amazing twist and how belle met the beast in the first place.